The site of Bresles "Le Babouin" was the subject of a preventive excavation in 2011. 1 000 m² were prescribed following the discovery in 2010 of an occupation dating from the High Middle Ages, during the road project RD 234 from Bresles to Bailleul-sur-Thérain. The high medieval site developed on the eastern slope of a hill. One hundred and fifty-five structures were discovered (buildings, post holes, pits, hut floors, silos, kilns, hearths, ditches and tracks). Most of the remains were dated between the 6th and 9th centuries without a chronological pause. The remains are mostly concentrated in the northern half of the site. They are organized around two groups of hut floors installed around a central empty space. The site appears to extend west and east towards the valley floor. A number of factors lead us to believe that the area being studied is a single unit of occupation; it is probably in the middle of a larger complex outside the excavated area. The hypothesis of an ex nihilo foundation dating from the High Middle Ages is considered. Finally, the uncovered materials indicate that the inhabitants probably belonged to a self-sufficient privileged class that functioned by raising and producing their own consumer products while trading with the coastline. Traduction : John Lynch