As many emblematic sites of the Neolithic of the Aisne valley, the enclosure of Berry-au-Bac "La Croix Maigret" was discovered by Michel Boureux, through aerial photography. Thanks to the drought of 1976, a continuous ditch, doubled by a fence, has appeared. Led by the team of URA 12 of the CNRS (UMR 8215-Trajectoires today), several rescue excavations took place from 1976 to 1980. It is during the excavation of 1978 that was discovered a grave of the Middle Neolithic II, located between the ditch and the internal fence of the enclosure. This volume of tributes to Mariannick Le Bolloch is thus the opportunity to present it, in reference to the works she dedicated to the Aisne valley generally and to the Michelsberg culture in particular. Although it is an ancient discovery, this grave has never been exhaustively published. Initialy dated to the Michelsberg culture by its ceramic, it since benefited from a radiocarbon dating which places it at the very end of this culture and even later. It thus finds place within a corpus of graves dated to the end of Middle Neolithic which, if it remains restricted, fills out regularly in this micro-region.