The excavation carried out at Brissay-Choigny “La Prélette” over a surface of 2000 square meters unearthed the remains of a Late Hallstatt dwelling. They are characterized by the presence of several groups of postholes and of poly-lobed pits. Thanks to the ceramic finds, this occupancy may be attributed to the chrono-cultural horizon of Aisne-Marne 1A-2 (Hallstatt D2, 525-500 B.C.). This discovery is doubly interesting, firstly because in this area of the upper Oise valley, Bronze and Iron Age occupancy is still barely known, especially as concerns Iron Age I; secondly because the ceramic artefacts are attributable to the Aisne-Marne cultural group, which displays more affinities with the North-Alpine complex than with the Atlantic complex. The excavation of this dwelling has thus enhanced our understanding of cultural boundaries, as the upper Oise valley seems to represent the maximum extension to the North-West of the Marnian culture.

Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX