The excavation at Pasly “Les Coteaux de Pasly “, situated on a hillside, revealed three Bronze and Iron Age occupancies. The Late Bronze IIIa occupancy consists in pits rich in objects. The Early La Tène occupancy, concentrated on the highest part of the site, is composed of 5 silos, a small set of pits and a fence. Some fragments of cob show wicker imprints and coatings with coloured areas that testify that polychrome architectural decorations existed at that period. The Late La Tène occupancy is characterized by two ditches, a few pits and a structure which may be a building on stilts or a building with a platform. The topographical position of these occupancies is noteworthy since it enjoys day-long exposure to sunlight, a level with springs nearby that ensures the water supply, and a clear 15 kilometer view down the Aisne valley. These environmental parameters characterize these occupancies as privileged, strategic places.

Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX