The major linear developments over a large part of western Picardy and especially in the Somme département have given new impetus to research into La Tène funerary practices. They have provided most of the referential data, but little has as yet been published. The main interest of these developments is that they cut across various micro-regions. Thus, we propose to discuss the data in such a way as to highlight the permanent/variable features in time and space. The analysis brings out, on the one hand, the distinctive features of the coastal fringe and the similarities with Normandy, and, on the other hand, helps to flesh out a period – the end of La Tène B (LT B2b, -300/-250) - about which hitherto little was known, despite the fact that it represents a turning point in the history of western Picardy.

Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX