Prior to the development of a gravel quarry in the commune of Presles-et-Boves (Aisne, France), several archaeological operations including two excavations have made it possible to study the remains of a French training camp or cantonment of the First World War. The excavated area consists of a network of trenches and plumbing that linked many semi-underground shelters with various functions. Some are related to personnel shelters, while others provided storage. Equipment ensuring satisfactory hygiene (latrines, dumps, etc.) has also been discovered. The study of the abundant artefacts and fauna as well as paleoprarasitological analyses finally provide information on the state of health of the people and their living conditions. The result of a rich dialogue between field data and non-archeological archives (war maps, marching and operations logs, etc.), this study documents the life of a company located at the interface between the front-line trenches and the positions behind them. Traduction : John Lynch.