A domestic occupation dated to the Early Medieval was discovered 30m east of the present church of Mercin-et-Vaux. During the Merovingian period, the occupation consisted of cabins andpost-hole buildings. The site is contained within an enclosure. From the eighth century, the occupation refocused on the ecclesiastical area in the southwest. It was also during this period that the first burials were attested in a cemetery that developed south of the present church. Nearly 90 tombs, dated between the 8th and 11th centuries, were excavated. Individuals were buried according to various funeral practices common for the Carolingian period. The buried seem to represent a typical parish and rural population. This part of the cemetery was then abandoned in favor of a domestic occupation represented by pits and poorly defined stone structures. From the 16th century, the area was occupied by buildings. Traduction : John Lynch.