The archaeological evaluation of the ancient settlement of Etreillers (Aisne) revealed the existence of sections of ditched enclosures with four buildings on posts inside. We observed two stages of alterations, between the end of Late La Tène and the third quarter of the 1st century A.D. Except for a slight enlarging of the enclosed area, the site evolves without major modifications, at least as concerns the spatial distribution of the buildings. The site yielded a great variety of built remains and scraps connected with iron-making activities, which appear as early as 25 B.C. The evidence indicating blacksmith’s activity appears in two distinct places: in the enclosure, and in the peripheral enclosure ditches. The characteristic features are scoria, iron scales, and more rarely pieces of cut metal, typical tools, together with other indications, such as hearths. Traduction : Margaret & Jean-Louis CADOUX