The archaeological operation was conducted at "les Terres Madame", commune of Bazincourt, prior to the construction of a gas pipeline by GRT Gaz (Arc of Dierrey, section n.3, site n.3). The prescribed surface is located along the lower part of the south side of the plateau that dominates the middle Oise valley, opposite the meander of Pont-Sainte-Maxence. One hundred and fifteen structures were revealed covering four periods of occupation (dwellings and cemeteries) from the Late Bronze Age to the beginning of La Tène. The Early La Tène necropolis comprises thirty-eight burials, i.e. seventeen inhumations and twenty-one cremations, and three offering pits, two square funerary enclosures and a building on four posts. Both the inhumations and the cremations are consistent with the funerary rituals of the Aisne-Marne tradition. Traduction : Margaret & Jean-Louis CADOUX