The research conducted on the edge of the village of Braine, at the place named “La Gare”, covers about 2,8 hectares. The medieval dwelling, uncovered over a surface of 1300 square metres, consists of several buildings, a cellar and a well, which suggests a settlement of a monastic nature. “Zone 1”, which encompasses most of the remains, is situated in the lowest part of the site, practically at the convergence of the waters. The plan of the vestiges shows that they extended beyond the limits of the surface excavated. Information about the evolution of the site is scarce; however, it does allow us to distinguish two phases of redevelopment, as attested by some locally preserved floors. The chronology is based mostly on the pottery pieces found in the infill of the well and of the cellar. They indicate a very short occupation situated between the middle and the end of the 12th century. Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX