During excavations of five develling dating back to the Post-Linear Neolithic at « Les Plantes-du-Mont », Gurgy (Yonne), J. P. Delors collected burnt paleo-seeds in the secondary filling of two silos in house M 5. Seeds of one cultivated group are present : Pea (Pisum Sativum), vegetable widely cultivated during the period. Fruit picking is attested by fragment of Hazelnut shell (Corilus avellana) and Wild Pear (Pyrus pyraster). The pears were cut in half lengthwise, indicating that they were dried near a hearth to be stocked after picking (autumn). Gurgy is the first indication of picking and drying wild pears for the whole of the Linear complex. This site is also particular amongst contemporary sites by its total absence of cereals ; but this situation could be the result of taphonomic conditions.