Ā«From Boves, we see AmiensĀ», this is how the great historian Robert Fossier explained the role of this powerful fortress in the evolution of the city of Picardy. From its construction at the end of the ninth century to its abandonment seven centuries later, this fortified elite residence was a witness and, at times, a direct actor in the political, social and economic history of a rich region at the heart of major geo-economic issues in the Early Medieval and the Early Modern era. But this site is not only important for its historical interest, it is also an archaeological adventure that began in 1996 and continues to this day. As the castle on a motte excavated for twenty years, it has yielded unprecedented documentation through its stratigraphic detail. Also with the preservation of many light structures and the abundance and diversity of its artifacts, the farmyard has illuminated, for more than a decade, the rich and multiple dynamics at work between the two areas and questions the attractiveness of this center in its territory in the light of political developments, This has been made possible by a wealth of historical work and fostered by the unique longevity of this multidisciplinary research