Particular attention has been paid to the detection of Paleolithic sites in the Ile-de-France region over the past ten years. This stems from the observation that Paleolithic data from preventive archaeology in the Ile-de-France is rare. Thanks to the efforts made by participants of various institutions, numerous sites have been discovered and nearly a dozen Paleolithic occupations have been excavated. This work is presented here together with the main results achieved. Among the main contributions, a redefinition of the geomorpho-stratigraphic and a chrono-cultural framework of human occupation before the Last Glacial Maximum can be proposed. The new data acquired also allows comparisons with those from the surrounding regions, such as the Hauts-de-France, which are archaeologically richer. Consideration of the dynamics of the scale of settlements in the Paris Basin is now possible. Thus, the proposed framework points to the numerous advances in archaeological knowledge of the occupations before the Last Glacial Maximum, but also the numerous subjects that require deeper study in order to guide future research.