The sanctuaries of “Les Villards d’Héria”, located in the heart of the “Haut-Jura”, are deployed in a remarkable geographical configuration which has attracted scholarly interest since the modern period. Two temples, standing about one kilometer apart, appear to be linked around the same natural element: water, thus forming the huge religious complex whose reputation is firmly established. Exhaustive excavations were carried out between 1959 and 1981, and a new multidisciplinary campaign, combining both archaeological and environmental approaches, was implemented in 2006-2008; its aim was a better understanding of the functioning of the water networks, and of their management by the builders and administrators of this sanctuary of the Sequani. It was a case of suggesting a new approach to the evolution of human occupation around the lake of Antre, to the particularities of the hydrogeological network that connects the two temples, and, by extension, to the existence of a real control over the natural phenomenon on the part of the neighboring populations. Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX.