In Thézy-Glimont (Somme, France), the rescue excavation of a future housing area has brought to light an assemblage of different structures, included in the north-east angle of a ditched enclosure: silos dated of La Tène C1 and pits containing around sixty domestic animals and eight humans. The metric of the animals is compatible with a La Tène date and one of the pits cuts a silo. 200 m to the west, the same area delivers a quadrangular enclosure with a double entrance and a quadriportico. The latter has received an assemblage of pieces of weaponry dated of La Tène C2-D1, associated with half-products of metallurgy. Preceding any debate on the meaning of these actions, it was important to study the way the animal depots took place in the pits. The excavation results, archaeozoology and micromorphology were crossed and seem to show that it was a rapid infilling of non eviscerated animals.