Eighteen wood ex-voto featuring legs were brought to light in 2012 on two Gallo-Roman sites fairly distant one from the other. At Magny-Cours (Nièvre), a diagnostic survey revealed, not far from a fanum, five ex-voto mixed with some other scattered wood remains. The excavation of the fanum of Nesle/Mesnil-Saint-Nicaise (Somme) yielded, among other items discovered in two wells near the temple, a set of twelve ex-voto. These ex-voto, carved from branches, all show naked human legs that respect the natural anatomic proportions of the leg. Traces of the tools used to carve them still appear on their surface, as do the marks of a long exposure in the open air. As concerns their technical and artistic qualities, these small sets are readily comparable to the large collections of Chamalières at Clermont-Ferrand and of the sources of the river Seine at Dijon. In spite of certain differences, all these ex-voto seem to have been produced by specialized workshops. They also demonstrate a certain similarity of thought throughout the territories. Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX