Over more than twenty years aerial inspection has been systematically carried out over a territory bordered to the East by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to the South and West by France, and the low Femenne land to the north. The area includes Belgian Lorraine and much ot the Ardenne (+ 3 000 km2). The hilly country side is composed of agricultural areas, with a high proportion of grasslands, and many forests. These as in many other regions, Roman times have strongly left their mark on the ground. The 
main roads of Antiquity (Rheims-Trier and Tongres- Metz) are still a basic reference for the land register. In step with survey progress, remains of rural settlements (Rondelange, Habay-Ia-Neuve, Moyen) appear and provide a better understanding of land utilisation. Plans of shrines favourably situated along main highways are progressively revealed (Warnach). Outside the Roman period records are also made and filed at the Research Centre : for instance a La Tene Il burial field at l'Eglise, and more recently a World War I army camp at Arlon.