To describe aerial archaeological photography as an « art » appears far-fetched, yet visual prospection is not far removed from Art with its many traps and the fact that low level oblique photography is inherently selective, and therefore not basically objective. The choise of pictures goes with a pre-selection of their centring and shooting angle. Consciously or not the operator wille decide on how he wishes to see, or even in some cases to ignore, those structures which do not fit in with his theme. To define aerial archaeology as a « Science » , as asserted by some pundits, is just as incorrect : With the simplest of cameras and using standard film, a satisfactory picture can be obtained by merely pressing a button. Articles too erudite and strewn with contradictory views (to parry challenging opinions) and varied interpretations will try to influence the reader in seeing Art where mere awkwardness is sometimes evident (as is often the case with Gaulish Art specialists) ; exaggerated computer operations, abstruse mathematical formulas (for instance, the curious « integrated hydric balance » !) are also used in this context.