Within the framework of the archaeological research begun in 2006 on the ZAC du "Pôle d’activités du Griffon” in the district of Barenton-Bugny, Chambry and Laon (Aisne), the 2008 excavations focussed on a zone characterized by artisan activity (pottery and metallurgy) dating from the second half of the 1st century A.D. Most of the remains are situated in a double enclosure. The production of pottery is attested by the existence of a kiln with an oval chamber with a firebars with a median strip. Some hearth-pits may have been connected with these activities. The size of the remaining vestiges shows that this area was devoted to supplying the needs of the surrounding settlements. As concerns the products of the kiln, they consist of terra nigra (drinking vessels) and of dark coloured rough ware (dishes, bowls and pots).  The results of the micro and macroscopic examinations highlighted the main characteristics of the BVG group of clay, comparable with those of Reims and the Vesle/Marne districts, and those of Noyon and Vauclair.

Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX