The Mesolithic site of Choisy-au-Bac “Les Muids” is located in the wide alluvial plain around the confluence of the Oise and the Aisne rivers. Two concentrations of artifacts were excavated. At first sight, the state of preservation of the site appeared to be fairly poor, with a meagre stratigraphy and the strong risk that different industries would be mixed together. However, one of these two concentrations seems to have been less affected than the other by these disadvantages and lent itself to a typo-technological study of the lithic industry. The microlithic collection is reminiscent of those of other sites in Picardy, reliably dated between 9100 BP and 8700 BP. A few clues and some burnt stones suggest that this site corresponds to a halt of short duration, for the repair of hunting weapons, and for other domestic activities. The existence of a second area, not so well preserved, showing the same microlithic spectrum, also raises the question of the connection between the two concentrations.

Traduction : Margaret & Jean-louis CADOUX