Between 2006 and 2009, 18 flint knapping workshops have been excavated on a 5.000 m² area at "Bergeresse" (Abilly, Indre-et-Loire - France). All these workshops result from the Livre-de-beurre long blades production during the late Neolithic. However, beside these chaîne operatoire remains, other blades debitages due to cores rework are present. Rubbish dumps, with knapped and polished tools, grinding stones and ceramic, are associated with two workshops. It means that the site, which was considered as a specifically flint production one with small workshops distinct from the raw material resources, is actually more complex. "Bergeresse" excavation data and a re-examination of the former researches in the Grand-Pressigny area will enable to update many fields of knowledge such as raw materials economy, workshops organisation, blades productions, savoir-faire transmission, chronological and cultural frame.