The Gaillon "La Garenne" site (Eure) recently excavated in the Lafarge-Granulat quarry along the Seine was dated to the Late-Final Neolithic. This site in Haute-Normandie enriches our knowledge of housing and related activities during this period for which data are still very sparse in the region. During the operation undertaken in 2008, 1882 sq. metre were excavated in two areas ; they revealed a set of eight well preserved hearths with heated stones, of which six were apparently arranged in pairs. The presence of layers of ceramic and lithic materials and a series of thermoluminescence dating of the sandy sediments from the hearths allow to date this site to the third millennium BC (TL mean date : 2500 years). Some signs in the lithic and ceramic material tend to make the occupation older, or at least show some discrepancies in chronological and / or cultural nature in relation to the group of Gord and its reference site in Picardie, Bettencourt-Saint-Ouen. Studies on the hearths in pairs (petrographic, biochemical, phytoliths analysis) tend to confirm a match in their composition and their functioning. These analyses also provide interesting information on the type of fuel used and their culinary function but don’t clearly elucidate them. Smoking is one of the assumptions. But it must be verified by further analyses and by comparative ethnographic and experimental studies.