Over the last decade, about 500 sites of various chronology and morphology have been discovered in the southern part of Touraine. First, flights over the sites have been centred along the rivers and the ancient ways. Then, flights have been centred on tablelands. Concerning Prehistory, several camps have been 
recorded. As for Protohistory, we can draw interesting lessons from the facts revealed : from the remote circle to the huge complexe of Antran (which spreads over 1 mile), we have the whole range of the sites. The major contribution for the gallo-roman period is the discovery of numerous villae. In that case too, it seems there is no homogeneity of plans : a few vast settlements (Pouzay, Marcilly, Sazilly, Dangé) and above all a great deal of small establishments. Also to be noted is the discovery of many sanctuaries (fana) which have been unknown so far in this region. Some substantial complements of the medieval age have been pointed out around Noyers abbey.