As thematic prospecting requires possibilities that generally exceed the average prospector's, one must be satisfieci with treating emergencies : impact studies on large-scale works, sites under modification (regrouping of lands, deforestation), forfuitous archaeological surface discoveries or discoveries that are being studied by an authorized team. That is how we have been able in Touraine, and this for many years, to treat subjects as varied as plans for the passage of motorways or TGV trains, research on aqueduct terminations under study, photographs of enclosures, an authorized low-altitude flight above Tours city with phototaking for the Inventaire Services, etc. We were thus brought to the discovery of sites as varied as the cadastration of a gallo-roman potter's village at Mougon, the baths where the Luynes aqueduct ended in, the Tours-Chinon roman way across cleared moorland, a medieval circular enclosure at Grand Moléon, a villa close the TGV layout and an important sanctuary in the middle of the zone of Alençon-Tours motorway. Let us lastly note that the entire presentation of these results, heterogeneous as they may
be, but at the same time precious for the knowledge and safeguard of the departmental patrimony, could hardly precisely reflect the whole of aerial survey work in Touraine.