The early iron and steel centre of Ferrys, in the commune of Bussière ( Loiret ), includes all the stages of the production sequence, from the mine to the iron bar. Numerous mine shafts lead into galleries dug to extract iron oxides located in Eocene clays. The exceptional state of conservation of the wood used to consolidate the shafts and galleries sheds a completely new light on these mining activities in a sedimentary context. Furnaces for the reduction of type II iron were discovered on the Clérimois site. The reduction products were refined and forged in small furnaces dug into the ground. Iron and steel-working is set in a man-made, open landscape where cereals as well as vine and hemp were cultivated. In this landscape, these activities occupy areas clearly delimited by a system of ditches, which condition mining as well as slags, probably in relation to the administrative management of these activities.